I make videos for people.


Hi, I'm Noel.

Tired of seeing great videos fall flat after being launched, I decided to change my approach. Together, we will create a clear and innovative branding style customized for your business and strategize how to best use that style on your platform for it to best suit your business or personal goals.

All this to say, the work doesn't end when you receive your video, that's just the beginning.

Brand Identity

I build brands.

Brands are not just a logo on a shirt and a sponsored message on TV.

Brands are a feeling.

Together, we can make those feelings.

Why work with me.

You and I work together to provide you with something that not only embodies your initial vision for your project but surpasses your expectations.

I want to provide a more hands-on and involved approach while making your video.

What gets you excited?

What do you want people the notice the most?

Together we will create something that not only gets results but makes you feel good about the final product.

Collaborate 3D Text

Demo Reel.

How I work.

Number 1 on it's side

You send me a message with some details of your project.

We meet, either virtually, or over coffee.

I present a plan on how we can tackle the project, together.

After approval, I get to work.

Number 2 Standing up

I keep you up to date with how the project is coming along.

You provide feedback.

We decide on necessary changes along the way.

Number three falling down

I complete the project, after all final rounds of modifications.

You receive the project.

Now is the time to launch the project.

Number 4 standing up

I check up with you to see how the post-project plan is working.

I provide insight on how we can do even better.

We continue until we are both happy with the results.

Have a project?

Thanks for reaching out, I'll get back to you right away.
Something doesn't look right, is all the info correct?